VM # 1802-4 MHC

The V.M. # 1802-4” MHC is an eductor based devise for removing mud, sand, silt, slurry and sludge. The heart of this system is the V.M. # 1802-4”SP Bronze Eductor. The eductor alone is an excellent for suction in cargo tanks, bilges, ballast tanks ,sumps and pits. The 1802-4”MHC is supplied, as shown on the front, complete with hopper, grating, wash-down hoses and nozzles, support legs, and inlet manifold with wye adapter.

The V.M. # 1802-4”MHC is used for:

1. Removing mud, sand, and slurry directly through the suction hopper. Water jets to spray materials into the main eductor flow.
2. With Hopper removed—a suction hose can be attached to eductor for suction capacity in corners or to reach remote puddles of liquid.
3. With Hopper removedand Suction Screen attached —eductor can be used as a portable pump:
The entire eductor can be submerged.


1. Inlet Pressure hose, Suction hose and Discharge hose are available. Prices upon request.
2. Suction strainer attachment will allow for submerged operation.
3. Spare replaceable Monel nozzles and stainless steel throat linings to extend life of eductor
4. Eductor and nozzle can be supplied in 316 stainless steel.
5. All Eductor flanges are normally ANSI B16.24 flat face. Can be furnished JIS, DIN etc. on request.


Part no Qty Item Material
MCH-1 1 S 1802-4″SP Eductor Bronze
MCH-2 1 S Inlet Manifold Assembly Bronze
MCH-6 1 S Nozzle Monel
MCH-7 1 S Throat sleeve lining 316 Stainless steel
MCH-8 1 S Onlet pressure gauge Brass
MCH-9 1 S 1″ On/Off control valve for spray jets Bronze
MCH-10 1 S 2½” On/Off control valve for jet
MCH-11A 1 S 2½” Inlet «Wye» Adapter Bronze
MCH-11B 1 O 2½” Inlet «Wye» Adapter with of/off levers Bronze
MCH-12 1 S 3 way hose manifold Aluminium
MCH-13 3 S Wash-down Spray Jets Brass
MCH-14 1 S Suction Hopper with flange 316 S.steel
MCH-15 1 S Heavy duty Grating Screen Aluminium
MCH-16 3 S Wash-down spray hoses & couplings Rubber
MCH-17 2 S Spare support legs Steel
MCH-18 1 O Spare Rolling cart Oak
MCH-19 1 O Suction screen/ strainer 31t S.steel

(S) = Standard Item included in 1802-4” MHC (O) = Optional Item for 1802-4”MHC

VM #1802-4″ MHC Muck Handling Conveyor General Assembly Instructions