VM # 1316-1″ TYGER

The V.M. # 1316 – 1” Portable Ejector (eductor) is used on board tankers, oil rigs, and vessels of all types.
The portable ejector is used to remove liquids from tanks, sumps, pits, and cargo and ballast spaces.
This small ejector allows access to inaccessible spaces. Suggested uses include:

1. Keeping tank bottoms dry during tank or hold washing operations
2. Pumping water out of holds during firefighting operations
3. Regular or emergency pumping of liquids from ballast, bilge or cargo spaces
4. Powered by water pressure or the same liquid as suction fluid

This model can be lowered directly into the liquid to be suctioned. Or a length of suction hose can be attached. This model is available with an optional non-return valve and optional strainer. It can be furnished with hose barb couplings. BSP or NPT or JIS threads, Storz adapters or cam-lock quick coupling.












Standard Shipboard Portable Ejector Kit – includes the following

» 1 pc V.M. # 1316-1” Bronze Ejector with Bronze Nozzle.
» 1 pc V.M. INLET HOSE – Fire “Motive Pressure” Hose, 23M (75’) x 1½” with brass (NH) couplings to attach to eductor inlet.

» 1pc V.M. SUCTION HOSE – Non-Collapsible PVC Full Vacuum Hose,  6 M (20’) x 1” with brass coupling for eductor suction.
» 1 pc V.M. DISCHARGE HOSE – Mill-Type water discharge hose, Lay Flat type 75’ (23 M) x 1½” with Brass coupling for eductor disch.

Flow Data
Suction Capacity
Suction Lift
Discharge Head
Motive Pressure
Motive Flow
5-10 GPM Up to -20 Feet Up to 70 Feet 50 -150 PSI 10 -20 GPM
1.25- 2.5 m3/h Up to -6 Meters Up to 22 Meters 3.5 – 10.5 Bar 2.5 – 5 m3/h
Materials of Construction
Optional Materials
Body & Diffuser Bronze Stainless Steel, Ni-Alum, Aluminum
Nozzle Bronze 316 Stainless Steel
Non-Return Valve Bronze, 316 Stainless Steel
Strainer Bronze, 316 Stainless Steel
Inlet ¾” NPT Female Thread BSP threads, Hose barb, cam-lock
Suction 1″ NPT Female Thread BSP threads, Hose barb, cam-lock
Discharge 1″ NPT Male Thread BSP threads, Hose barb, cam-lock