Zimmer AS  serve the marine industry and the offshore petroleum industry.

We supply the following equipment:

  • Gas Freeing Fans, portable,  for tank ventilation and hazardous areas to ATEX requirements. Water driven and air driven fans.
  • Tank ventilators, portable.
  • Fans, portable and fixed.
  • Flexible Ventilation Ducts for hazardous area. Antistatic.
  • Ejectors, portable and fixed.
  • Eductors, portable and fixed.
  • Tank cleaning machines, portable and fixed
  • Bilge Water separators, approved to current IMO regulation MEPC 107(49)
  • Sewage Treatment Plants , to IMO MEPC 227(64).
e-mail address: zimmer@zimmer.no
Phone: +47 22558648
Address: P.o Box 98 Smestad, 0309 Oslo, Norway.